1. What is your relationship with Nature? Can a dialogue exist between Man and Nature?

Not only it can exist, it should exist. Our personal perception of nature is very much visualised in our art as we consider it a source of endless energy and try to make it as inspirational as possible for other people to feel the same way as we do.

2. Can art carry a message about environmental awareness?

Absolutely. Art can bring people up the other way, make them think of the World we are living in a more responsible manner.

3. To Earth: A declaration of love. Can Love be the start of a revolution?

For us words ‘love’ and ‘revolution’ are so controversial. We would like to think love can start a change, a positive shift in all spheres of life.

4. The representation of nature in art can be very different depending on the artist. How do you represent nature in your works? And how important is your relationship with nature for your work?

It is of initial importance for us. We both were raised in small cities where nature was all around, you can drive a motorbike and be in a deep forest in 10 minutes. You have rivers, mountains, fields. And that was exactly what gave us inspiration to live, and from the very beginning we wanted to convey that feeling to other people, as if something inspires you, you would not be willing to destroy or damage it. You would simply want to be part of it, find harmony, appreciate and keep it pure.

by Giovanna Pisacane