Sophie Bogdan & Can Dagarslani

1. What is your relationship with Nature? Can a dialogue exist between Man and Nature? 

For us nature is the most important thing as it is where we come from and where we will go.
We have a deep connection to it and try to spend as much time as possible amongst it. It brings us to our base, grounds us and helps us understand life as part of a bigger picture. We think to be healthy and honest there needs to be a constant dialogue between us and the nature. Which means to care it like your sister, mother, best friend: with love and at eye-level. It should be about taking and giving in balance, like a good relation between humans.

2. Can art carry a message about environmental awareness?

Definitely it can. We prefer it even if it´s not like a big headline or trying to teach people. We like to integrate it as something natural. Our art comes out of our inner world and because it is full of love for our environment, and how we see it or want to show it, it is automatically carrying a message about it, that is: care for your surroundings and don´t destroy that which is your origin.

3. To Earth: A declaration of love. Can Love be the start of a revolution?
Only love can start a revolution and we see love itself as a constant revolution which is hard enough for lots of us to practice. It starts with self-love, which makes us able to love others out of a deep understanding of what “love” means. Love is the greatest power we have. It can move everything in a good direction – in the best direction, we believe. We feel that war against people, against nature or animals, only happens because of a lack of feeling loved. It´s a cry for help. Unfortunately it involves aggression and violence, which brings about the opposite of love. That´s why it´s war then. We wish people could begin to understand this.

Hug each other as much as you can. Everyone needs love. Love is the greatest need, for everyone.

4. The representation of nature in art can be very different depending on the artist. How do you represent nature in your works? And how important is your relationship with nature for your work?

We love including nature in our work. In a way there is always a plant inside of our pictures, trees, the sea.. Nature is life and as such it belongs inside of our art too. We like to work with natural light inside natural spaces, mostly outdoors. The connection and clash of city and nature is a topic. The relation of humans and nature as well – embracing and connecting with it. Sophie loves to become a part of nature and let nature become a part of herself and Can loves to use it as a pure background.

by Giovanna Pisacane