Silvana Mariani

Higher Standards.

Awareness, freedom, affirmation of identity and inclusion of diversity are some of the values ​​connected to the new standards of contemporary fashion. Fashion is a complex industry, made of great contradictions, but it is also a fundamental mediator of expression for pop culture, especially for the youngest. A powerful and fascinating evidence of what has happened so far and what will happen tomorrow. Regarding these considerations, what are your Higher Standards?

My references are fluid and constantly evolving. Stylistically I always felt involved in finding a balance between proposing myself with consistency and renewing myself with freedom.
For TIMNBY I explored the form of beauty in ethnic characters and the theme of the encounter between local cultures. I’m attracted by the human capacity to open up and participate in different realities, respecting our roots, acquiring awareness, and improving without losing ourselves.

Everything is connected and, doing our part I think we will build a better global future.


“The true authenticity of photographs for me is that they usually manipulate and lie about what is in front of the camera, but never lie about the intentions behind the camera” – Wolfgang Tillmans

In an age where anything can be faked, we increasingly feel the urgency to find something to trust, something to invest our commitment and desire of sharing. How much does this affect your artistic practice?

A standard takes time to be consolidated, because it must somehow identify itself with the rules that it represents, and once the rules are known, it is easier to adopt them by emulation. But at this point everything can be true and false at the same time: it’s true because the fact matches with the rules, but it’s false if we need to force them in order to adopt them. I prefer to find the truth far from the standard concepts. Truth is in the variation – that on the other hand would not exist without recognizing the strength of the reference value.

My creative avant-garde is focused in what is usually considered a defect: the uniqueness of Diversity.


Desire of inclusion and curiosity towards different cultures are certainly a useful tool for a deeper understanding of the contemporary world. Which role, or responsibility, does the creative world play in the discussion about inclusion?

The sensitivity of creatives and their unique way to perceive and interpret today’s changes and return them to the eyes of others are essential tools to raise awareness on urgent issues. People are now ready to see themselves as they really are. The challenge is to find a balance between accepting others and feeling accepted and then improving ourselves and the things around us.


We live in the age of the obsessive self-promotion in the social media, particularly on Instagram. How do you feel about participating in this world of cyber identity?

Some people need to be faithful to their external image in order to recognize themselves. They can put make-up on their face in the same way their entire life.
I’ve had hundreds of hair cuts and changed the colour of my hair. I consider identity something multifaceted and precious as a diamond.
I don’t mind if I behave inconsistently sometimes, as long as it’s honest (in the broadest meaning of the word). I know very different people that allow me to tune myself into some sides of my personality otherwise paralyzed. Social media is a great way to connect with the world, but posting on your profile is first of all a dialogue with yourself. Everyday I’m different and the consistency that made successful many IG profiles is not applicable to me. Perhaps I’d like to have more popularity and more followers, but never at the cost of losing the freedom to post what really represents me.