Dudi Hasson

1. What is your relationship with Nature? Can a dialogue exist between Man and Nature?

As a young boy and later as a teenager, I remember myself spending a lot of time at the beach and even today water and beach culture are returning topics in my photography. Additionally, in the city I currently reside in, Tel Aviv, the beach is an integral part of daily life. I have no doubt that even in the urban world we live in there is a continual dialogue between man and nature, and although nature is not fully present the longing for it is felt. I feel most at ease when I’m in nature.

2. Can art carry a message about environmental awareness?

Of course, I can give the example of the animal project I worked on. For me, taking a picture of an animal in a studio and treating her like a person, giving her a place on the set, empowers her and makes us approach her from a different angle. As though she is one of us.

3. To Earth: A declaration of love. Can Love be the start of a revolution?

I do not know if it is part of a revolution, but love is definitely one of the strongest and most natural things that exist within us. Its power drives many aspects in our reality and our relationship with nature.

4. The representation of nature in art can be very different depending on the artist. How do you represent nature in your works? And how important is your relationship with nature for your work?

The movement and forms that exist in nature are fascinating and endless and I draw a great deal of inspiration from them in my photography. I carve things that I meet in nature into my memory and bring them into expression in my work.

by Giovanna Pisacane