Camille Rouzaud

1. Aesthetics – The study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. How has aesthetic evolved over the years and how has this influenced fashion photography? How do you approach aesthetics in your works?

Beauty standards are constantly changing and therefore aesthetics within fashion photography are always changing. My approach is a bit more intuitive. I shoot what I love and what I’ve always loved. I’m more attracted to the energy that people exude and that’s what I try to capture without taking trend into account. Beautiful and wild energy-what people are feeling when they’re in certain fashion. I obviously pay full attention to the aesthetics, but it goes deeper than what meets the eye.

2. Identity – “We contain multitudes” wrote Walt Whitman, referring to the fact that we see ourselves in different ways depending on different contexts. Nowadays, gender and sexuality have been explored in many ways – art, cinema and of course fashion – and fashion photography has been perceived as a means to translate and picture actual reality. How do you reflect identity in your works? How has the perception of our own bodies changed in recent years? How has it been influenced by media and by fashion itself?

I don’t think we as individuals are as constrained or defined by society the way we used to be. Everyone is starting to push boundaries and rework and rethink ideas that we’ve previously just accepted as truth. I hope that as we continue to do so, identity moves further away from social boundaries and becomes more about your own ideas, freely, of how you want to define yourself.  In my work identity is about courage; how fearless you feel in the middle of the world.

3. Beauty in Fashion – “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express” said Francis Bacon. Fashion photography once depicted a perfect kind of beauty, almost false in its perfection. Today, fashion photography focuses on imperfection and peculiar traits. Which is your relationship with beauty? How has the language of photography mutated in the past years? 

Beauty for me has always been energy and movement. You can find constant beauty anywhere in this way, even while the standards change. I think it’s great that we’re starting to embrace diverse features. It says a lot about us as a society to move away from the traditional and very limited idea of beauty. Fashion is slowly becoming more inclusive and bringing a sense of acceptance to the world.

4. Sociology – The study of human behaviour. How is photography capable of picturing social changes? Is fashion photography a way to picture cultural changes within society? How have social and cultural changes influenced your works?

I think fashion photography has a big influence in society. If you see something long enough, after a while, you start to integrate it into your life as part of the norm.  My work is mostly influenced by the miscegenation and diversity that I experienced when I was a kid. Just the concept of the projects (public housing) is about social and cultural changes. I grew up with people from everywhere, that part was amazing.

5. Perceptive Variations: an exhibition about identity, gender, change. How have your works expressed this feeling? How do you express your personal background in your work?

My work is my background and it’s me. What I look for in my subjects is directly related to what I look for in myself. I always have to identify with it.

by Giovanna Pisacane