Anne Barlinckhoff

1. What is your relationship with Nature? Can a dialogue exist between Man and Nature?

Without Mother Nature we wouldn’t be on this planet. And yes, a dialogue exists between humans and nature. Consciously or subconsciously we are connected to it 24/7.

2. Can art carry a message about environmental awareness?

Art can be the transitional point, the line between nature and art is on this precise edge where the dialogue takes place. Humans should not be only observers but rather collaborative partners with nature.

3. To Earth: A declaration of love. Can Love be the start of a revolution?

Everything is possible, you just have to want it more. But it has to start from within, true love and believe. The relationship between individuals and the environment is of primary importance, since nature is the framework of our existence. It’s undeniable that the notion of ‘returning to nature’ has been accepted and embraced all around the world. Why destroy something that heals us?

4. The representation of nature in art can be very different depending on the artist. How do you represent nature in your works? And how important is your relationship with nature for your work?

Within my work I capture the things that people normally overlook which sometimes is even as simple as hands touching each other and propose them in a new way connected to nature, in order to generate thoughts and feelings. None of this is ever planned upfront, I just react to what I feel at that moment. But it’s like when we physically touch something or someone it bonds us somehow. And if we allow that energy and embrace the nature of it, in that right moment it feels like it’s destiny. From there our touch and connection can only grow. Which can hopefully lead into awareness of love for our own self, others and our planet.

by Giovanna Pisacane