Alessandro Furchino Capria


Higher Standards.

Awareness, freedom, affirmation of identity and inclusion of diversity are some of the values ​​connected to the new standards of contemporary fashion. Fashion is a complex industry, made of great contradictions, but it is also a fundamental mediator of expression for pop culture, especially for the youngest. A powerful and fascinating evidence of what has happened so far and what will happen tomorrow. Regarding these considerations, what are your Higher Standards?

Paradoxically, I think our contemporary social system is exacerbated by the speed with which we consume everything that comes into our hands: from the images, passing through clothing and to the deepest experiences of life. In all this incessant rushing towards increasingly unattainable goals, we forget to stop looking at the sky and lie down a little bit. We should hurry less. This is what I think. For me, it’s important exploring in a deep way.


“The true authenticity of photographs for me is that they usually manipulate and lie about what is in front of the camera, but never lie about the intentions behind the camera” – Wolfgang Tillmans

In an age where anything can be faked, we increasingly feel the urgency to find something to trust, something to invest our commitment and desire of sharing. How much does this affect your artistic practice?

For me, it’s important to find myself in everything I do. I could not live with a photograph in which I couldn’t find myself again in it. And through photography itself, I find , over time, my being.


Desire of inclusion and curiosity towards different cultures are certainly a useful tool for a deeper understanding of the contemporary world. Which role, or responsibility, does the creative world play in the discussion about inclusion?

The issue about inclusion is a subject we should all feel responsible for. The “creative world” is not exempt from this. Certainly it’s a  topic we should not use for propaganda, or personal purposes that aim just towards publicizing our own productions. Like many social topics, the issue is important and it must be treated with all the necessary delicacy.


We live in the age of the obsessive self-promotion in the social media, particularly on Instagram. How do you feel about participating in this world of cyber identity?

Starting from the assumption that being “pure” is impossible, I think, I feel I can claim to be a serial user of this tool and, with all the ups and downs of this case, its use is not always sensible. Saying that, I think it is an important contemporary tool in many aspects and it’s quite delicate at the same time. Some days I try to tame it but often I fail and, in this real failure, I find some new interpretations that help me to better understand it and try to gradually use it without being overwhelmed.