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Pauline Batista

Multimedia artist Pauline Batista (Brazil, 1988) explores the interconnection of technology and human body and its implications in the perception of our identity. In her artistic practice the body acts like a resource in order to investigate genetic engineering and artificial intelligence in the philosophical dialogue on post-humanism. In your opinion, how is the female […]

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Alina Gross

Photographer Alina Gross celebrates in her works femininity, desire, beauty and acceptance of the female body. Aphrodisiacs is a photographic series of self-portraits and still lifes; a combination of sexualised flowers and fruits, fashion photography and feminine shapes. Birth of Mother, in collaboration with the sociologist Olga Galanova, is an interdisciplinary storytelling that draws attention to […]

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Charlotte Edey

Charlotte Edey (1992, London) is a multimedia artist who works across print, drawing, tapestry, textile and embroidery. Female figures and pastel dream-like suggestions lead us in a surreal space and a crystallised time. Myth and mysticism, femininity and symbolism are the main topics of Edey’s artistic practice. Her works explore the intersection between identity and […]

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