Claudio Majorana’s black and white photographs have a direct approach towards the protagonists of his works, who are most of the time teenagers. It is not easy to get in touch with an adolescent while they are going through such a delicate moment as puberty, but the documentary photographer takes this aspect as a matter of principle: he moves closer, he wins teenagers’ trust and he enters their world made of serious levities and carefree thoughts. He acts like a cautious accomplice capturing the essence of those unique moments, that youngsters would rather make it through while adults might regret.

It is easy to be fascinated by his works; each photograph carries a very deep emotional load: there are gloomy and hopeful gazes, stolen kisses, joie de vivre, skateboards and crucifixes. Claudio’s eye is often focused on youth, from “Head of the lion”, the story of 8 guys he followed for six years, to “We left Libya on a Friday night”, a documentary made of images about a reception centre with special provisions for minors expats. That’s why he decided to graduate in Medicine with a thesis on the development of adolescents’ nervous system.

Born in 1986, he has collaborated with famous brands and he has been recently nominated – by Gregory Halpern – for the First Book Award of MACK. Claudio Majorana is without any doubt one of the most interesting contemporary Italian voices.

Photo courtesy of Claudio Majorana.


Posted by:Alessandra Chiarlo