“Bet She Can” is one of the first video productions of the creative agency The Candy Box, in collaboration with Micaela Flenda’s curatorial platform TIMNBY; the product of a synergy of talent, passion and most of all enthusiasm, aiming to give a voice to the women of tomorrow.

I bet you can do it!

–  from this affirmation the “Bet She Can” foundation was born, founded by Marie-Madeleine Gianni to support the empowerment of preadolescent girls (from 7 to 11 years old).

The video’s starting point came from wanting to support and contribute to such an amazing project, with the aim of breaking down stereotypes and encouraging girls to believe in themselves. Official statistics from CONI indicate that girls (in comparison to boys) start doing sports earlier, however they are also more likely to give up earlier in adolescence, at a time when self-esteem issues often arise. And so we meet: Chiara, a 10 year-old runner who dreams of being the next Usain Bolt; Nicole, 12 years old, who practices fencing; Mira, a 7 year-old future boxing champion, all seen training together with their fellow female athletes.

Which is the objective of this initiative? To help girls express their talents, to demonstrate that very precious trait you can achieve only through sport: the will to jump, to try, to fall down and stand up stronger than before and to breed that desire to overcome those prejudices that consider some sports ‘not for girls’. We believe in it. Do you?

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