This Is Me Not Being You is a creative collective and curatorial platform based in Milan that aims to promote the work of young artists from all over the world.

This Is Me Not Being You is our obsession for studying issues such as identity, gender, freedom and perception of the body through any kind of aesthetic expression.

We believe in equality in its every sense and we think the female empowerment, creativity, individuality, sense of community and freedom of speech are essential tools for a better world.

Through a dialogue between Candy Box Agency and This Is Me Not Being You, we create contents to expose on different multimedia platforms to generate visibility and support  to the talents we promote.

A reference point where young photographers and artists can expose their work and researches, dealing with different themes, experimenting unexpected locations and settings.

A publication of  TIMNBY catalogue is published  with every exhibition.

A section where we publish interviews and portfolios.

Micaela Flenda is TIMNBY’s founder and curator. She also works as an independent curator, artistic researcher and holds courses in Fashion Photography and Fashion Film at NABA. She loves most of everything her dog Cali and their adventures together.

Pelin Sozeri Daher is the prima ballerina and project manager for TIMNBY, co-founder of the Milan based Candy Box Agency, Editorial Coordinator for L’Officiel Italia Magazine and… most important of all, she has a DREAM…

Elisa Ruggieri is executive producer for TIMNBY, co-founder of the Milan based Candy Box Agency, art buyer, producer and distribution manager for several fashion and art magazines. She loves hard workers and curious people, her cat Mr. Mini and spending time with her family.

Giovanna Pisacane is TIMNBY’s contributing interviewer / staff writer / #theshark. After graduating in Journalism at London UCA University, she works as a freelance journalist for international magazines. She loves pop music, sushi and good wine.

Giulia Pittioni is TIMNBY’s visual communication specialist and hardcore videogamer. She also works as a freelance photographer and video maker. She loves a lot of things but she’s not gonna tell.