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Iacopo Pasqui — Il Castigo

After the success of his last book 1999, Iacopo Pasqui is working on a new photographic series entitled Il Castigo. The project, still in development, is inspired by the story of the original sin and can be seen as the artist’s escape from his last works, a new chapter of creativity.

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Reginald Sylvester II

Fondazione Stelline in Milan welcomed last March the first solo exhibition in Europe of the New York-based artist Reginald Sylvester II. “The Rise and Fall of a People” is an exhibition curated by Michele Robecchi (Editor of Contemporary Art for Phaidon) which deals with faith and sense of community in contrast with nowadays’ alienating digital cult of the individual.

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Cristina Burns

How did you develop your own aesthetic and what is your approach when you’re shooting? What inspires your work?

I found own my style experimenting day after day, when I work I start from a basic idea that evolves during the process.I draw my artistic inspiration from the things I love, from those that terrify me or even strike my imagination. I remember that as a child I was fascinated with illustrations in old Science books and Cabinet of Curiosities.

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